Welcome to this overview and starting point for the RS Production Office tools User Guide.

What can RS Production do?

Go here if you want to know more about the RS Production Get to know RS Production products and their capabilities.

Installation and setup

There’s a separate section with instructions on how to Install RS Production. Also, there’s a Configure and manage RS Production to help you configure RS Production for your needs.

User interface

Go this way if you’re looking for an introduction to RS Production Office tools user interface.

Concepts and functionality

Measure points are maybe the most central objects in RS Production. In short, it represents a machine or a position where you’re capturing data. It can be times and amounts for OEE, or it can be any type of checklists or controls with RS Production ACT.


Change name of a measure point

General use of colors

OEE and losses

This is the true core of the RS Production OEE product. If you want to start by orienting yourself around OEE, there are a few pages where you start.

Availability, performance and quality

Setting the references for 100% OEE is important to get correct OEE figures. Go here to read about Scheduling of 100% availability.

If you want to go deeper and also measurehttps://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/574095383/Performance+loss. This page give you introduction to how you do https://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/574160952/Settings+for+performance+loss.

Losses and reason codes

When you want to follow up reasons for OEE losses, RS Production offers https://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/484672347/Reason+codes%2C+categories+and+station+codes.

Here a guide to https://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/540280065/Add+and+edit+reason+codes%2C+categories+and+folders. Read this to understand a bit more about Reason code folders.

RS Production OEE can automate reason coding based on data from OPC. Go here to read abouthttps://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/566460562/Auto+code+stop+reason+from+OPC+signal.

Also, RS Production OEE can do Automatic station coding in a production line.

Order execution, times and amounts

In both RS Production OEE and RS Production ACT it is an important part to start and stop production runs. It can be bothArticle run and order run. Go here to read more about https://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/484802568/Articles and https://goodsolutionsrsp.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RPUG/pages/484868133/Orders.

When there’s an active order run, RS Production is collecting Approved, reworked and scrapped amount.


Go here to get an understanding for how to Use visualizations, reports and analyzes in RS Production.


Forms is a part of RS Production ACT.

Event handling

Event handling is a part of both RS Production OEE and RS Production ACT. Here’s a few examples of how it can be used


Forms is a part of RS Production ACT and here’s a description of how you can Create a document.


Screens is flexible and “low expertise” way to create your own report pages. Here’s the RS Production Screens user guide, and here’s a Summary of screens components.


RS Production Mobile user interface runs on Android, iOS or in any web browser. Here’s the RS Production Mobile user guide.

System settings



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